Materials missing


I've recently created several objects in Blender 2.48a.

I exported them to *.obj file and imported using ObjToJme class.

The mesh is ok, but there is a problem with materials.

I assigned the material in Blender. I didn't use texture

and in jme the whole object is white. No colors can be seen.

I've added the needed property "mtllib" but it doesn't work.

It works only with textures. When I assign a texture to material I can see it in my program.

Anybody has any ideas what is wrong ?

Vertex colors only show if you don't use lighting.


the either I am doing something wrong or it doesn't work correctly.

I derive from SimpleGame, and in my initialisation method I turn the light off


All the objects are still fully white. I can see no colors  even thou I set the material in Blender :(

What kind of material is it if its no texture or vertex color?

Maybe you could also try blaines blender export script.: