Materials not created on load but on scene editor selection

Each time I import a model from Blender (tried with ogre xml exporter and the .blend) the model is loaded correctly but the materials are all like “plastic”.

After the import, selecting a geometry in the scene editor and click over “create j3m file” (and so, selecting the whole phrase) and deselecting it, prompt the user for an automatic material creation. My questions comes here, why isn’t this material created directly on import?, is there a way to create all that materials without going one by one on the scene explorer?.

Another problem is the “Specular color”, it’s always set to [1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0] instead of getting the Blender setting (this is why the “plastic” like texture).

The material is saved in the j3o file, creating a j3m file allows you to create an external material file that you can change and/or replace for different distributions but its not needed at all.