Matrix3f and Vector3f bug and 3ds bug

I'm not sure where this might be a bug in Eclipse itself or in JME but when for example i do something like this:

import com.jme.math.*;

public class Test
Vector3f randomV;
Matrix3f randomM;

public Test()
 randomV = new Vector3f();
 randomM = new Matrix3f();

randomM.fromAxisToAngle( // code for axis to angle this is filled in by the way );


It tells me that the method fromAxisToAngle is not defined in the class com.jme.math.Matrix3f, however when i remove the Vectors in the test class it recognized that method.

The other problem that i am having at the moment is something to do with the importing of models:

1. When i scale a model in 3ds max studio 9 and then import it into my game, the scale of the object becomes incredibly smaller than the original.
2. Sometimes when i import a model into my game the coordinates of the nodes are not correct, for example:

I added wheels to my car 3d model to the right of my model and then mirrored it to the right, and for some reason the wheels on the right seem to be out of place, whether it would be lower than the model or further than the model, everything thing else seems to stay as the model should just some parts are not in the right place.

Any help would be greatly apprreciated.

Regarding your 3DS import issue -

I am seeing exactly the same thing.

Perhaps the export process exports the new positions + the scale?  Basically, duplicating the effect…  Hard to really say without the time to look heavily into it personally.