Maven and JME

So, after a long time gone, I’ve picked up some Maven skills and coming back to the whole Game development thing, realized that JME isn’t using Maven.

After poking around the forum, I can’t figure out . . . is there any desire to set JME up to use Maven? I see some effort to bring JME libraries in to other projects via Maven, but it looks like the JME3 code is still Ant driven. Is there any desire to change that, or is Ant the build system of choice?

No judgment or urging here . . . just curious . . . and willing to contribute if it’s a goal. :slight_smile:


Hey, been a long time :slight_smile: No, theres no intent to use maven, ant is the system of choice. You can integrate ant easily in maven though. I suggest using the SDK though as jME3 more works like a platform itself than a simple java library (e.g. Multi-Platform deployment etc.)

Good enough. I guess I’ll dive right in then and start coding as-is!

It’s good to be back. Hopefully I’ll have some time to get back into the swing of things and get back to contributing. Glad to see things are still going strong!


Welcome back Falken!