Maven and Project Assets

Hi monkeys,

So I decided to use jme with maven (I think many of you prefer gradle, but in my university most teachers decided to use maven, so I think I use that).
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use assets now, because I don’t have a Project Assets Folder when setting up my project with maven.
How can I set the project up properly, so I have one again?

Well, the easiest way is to use gradle as it supports this pretty nicely.

For maven, you may have to dive into assemblies or something. My maven-fu is weak and I try to learn as little new stuff about it as possible (have to use it at my day job) but if I had to do it then an assembly descriptor with a fileset is how I’d handle it.

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easiest solution: add your assets folder to the list of resources folder, or place your assets unser src/main/resources.
Those solutions work with maven & gradle . they are enough for small to middle sized project.

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