Maven repository

So, I am using JME3 with maven… and I have found this help page: are these jars kept up-to-date? Is anyone in charge for that? Is there the nightly verion available somewhere, like a “SNAPSHOT” version of artifact?

No theres no nightly version.

Oh, ok, but do this repo gets maintained and updated at all, so that I can use it, or I better setup my own maven repo?

Yes it gets stable updates.

Slightly tangential question, is there going to be any source jars pushed to the repositories in the future? It would certainly be useful while I am getting up to speed with JME.

As a new user, you should start with the stable JME 3.0, and forget about the rest until there is some official announcement.

I don’t need to modify anything. I want to use the stable updates.

Sometimes though, I am using it wrong. Natural with being new. Seeing the source just aids me in debugging and finding my own answers rather than bugging anyone here.

source and javadoc are available on the official repository :