Maven2 unofficial repo


I just join to an opensource game project, and I start with creating maven2 building scripts.

I spend couple day to find out all dependencies and find all necessary libraries in required version (I think there are custom version of libraries, like odejava?).

For now I have private unofficial repo, with part of required libraries.

Maybe we should create such official (because maintained by JME team)/ unofficial (because contains jme libraries only) repo ?

I can take part with it.

I don't know about licences issues. But if it is possible to download all required libraries in bundle (like jme-physics-2.1+jme-1.0), so … maybe repo will be acceptable too :wink:

/ fl


I didn't wait for miracle and start reorganize sources from JME cvs to create maven2 scripts.

I find out that there is cyclic dependency between jme (core) and jme-awt ?

I make fast overview.

I think solution can be moving classes: JMECanvas and LWJGLCanvas should be moved from jme-awt into jme(core).

I think there is something strange with LWJGLCanvas#makeCurrent() and canvases hierarchy. But as long as there is only one (LWJGL) implementation there is no problem.

It is possible to correct this classes ? so then I can try go further :wink:

Is sources in CVS on current ?

/ fl

ps. maybe this subject should be moved somewhere to development group ?

i never cared much about dependencies cause i always used Eclipse to build the stuff, so i can't comment on the changes.

But is correct right now.


Yes, the main problem is, that ant compile all classes at once, and then split *.class files to jars.

Nevertheless, I think it is very simple changes to correct it (respect for authors ;]).

I just compile core by maven, and I see that xml terrain scene and font can be compiled too.

I think that I'm not able to fix this dependencies because I don't know JME at all :wink: I don't write even "hello world" example with jme :slight_smile: Of course I can try … but who will check in my changes ? :wink:

Give me a sign whether You are interested in switch project to maven. I think it is possible and not very hard. If someone, smarter than me, can spend some time to check how to resolve dependencies issues, I can do maven scripts and repo with external dependencies and JME artifacts.

/ fl

Yes yes yes  :wink:

I'm able to build whole JME by maven :wink:

I fast fix this dependency between jme and jme-awt. I thing that there is still few unnecessary dependencies but they don't create cycles so … :wink:

Now I must only prepare native packages … and I we will be able to use maven in our games :wink:

/ fl