Max Frame Rate 64 FPS

Hello there,

with a very simple scene i can't get higher frame rates than 64. Im using StandardGame and setting the frame rate like this:





Some time ago I had frame rates (on the same machine) of about 400 with a comparable scene. Does anybody know if the preferred way to control the frame rate has changed recently? Or what would be the best starting point for finding a problem like this? (I even have exactly 64 fps in an empty scene!).

I removed all game states except for DebugGameState and still only have 64 FPS.

Any idea would be great,


Standard game has control over what is the desired framerate… And you are setting it with standardGame.getSettings().setFramerate(getFrameRate()); So the question would be, what happens if you instead do something like:


My guess: vsync is on :slight_smile:

Yes, VSync is enabled by default in StandardGame. :slight_smile:

You can disable it by:


...or something like that.

Make sure to do it before you start() StandardGame.

OK, I have now set:

// in constructor:

private final GameStateManager gameStateManager = GameStateManager.create();

// to start game:







// then:

simpleSetupState =  new DebugGameState();



All other states removed. Still only ~60 FPS

Debug game state says: Nothing to display (or so). But frame rate is still as before.

Unfortnatly using VSYNC with OpenGL on Ati cards is still evil (at least as long as jME does not hack around this)


On that video chipset - yeah it might influence it that much.  I would not expect too much from that setup.

You are right duenuz, but 60 FPS is definitely to slow for rendering nothing - even on the intel chip…

By the way:  :frowning:

Now the frame rate has dropped again to about 60. Looks like this happens kind of randomly…

I checked that standardGame.getSettings.getVerticalSync() returns false.

Any other ideas? Some tests have frame rates of 600 FPS and more !