MaxToJme conversion improvement


I hope this is correct place to post this thread.

I'm currently trying to load 3DS file using MaxToJme. Since project is finished (launch is next week, stay tuned ;)) we're in optimization phase, and I'm trying to make it efficient and working with our current resource management system.

There are two tasks (one I'll post in different thread).

The issue here is the way 3DS models are loaded - reading MaxToJme code reveals that in few lines of code, TDSFile object is capable of building proper JME scene from supplied 3DS DataInput, only to be dumped into stream of bytes which need to be recreated into the JME scene again. I guess that's fine, since converters were supposed to work as pre-compile-step tools, I guess.

So I copied code over to our resource loader, and TDSFile requires an instance of FormatConverter. Going two steps down (right to the MaterialBlock) it is clearly shown that FormatConverter instance is not used anywhere, and can be removed.

I would supply the patch, but our version of JME is a bit outdated and we don't have time currently to update to JME2 trunk - I guess this small improvement could be useful for JME3.