MaxToJme not reading materials?

I'm having a bit of trouble importing my 3dstudio max 7.0 models into jME. I import them via MaxToJme and create clones of the original models as needed using a CloneCreator. However, all non-textured models turn out bright white and the textured ones are also full bright (but texture shows up correctly). Am I missing to set some property or such?

FormatConverter converter = new MaxToJme();
ByteArrayOutputStream bo = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
JmeBinaryReader jbr = new JmeBinaryReader();
URL texpath = new File(System.getProperty("user.dir") + "/data/" + path + "/").toURL();
jbr.setProperty("texurl", texpath);
URL modelpath = new File(System.getProperty("user.dir") + "/data/" + p).toURL();
converter.convert(modelpath.openStream(), bo);
jbr.setProperty("bound", "box");
Node node = jbr.loadBinaryFormat(new ByteArrayInputStream(bo.toByteArray()));
result = new CloneCreator(node);

I’m really at a loss here. It seems the materials are simply not loaded, and I can’t understand the code for MaxToJme/JmeBinaryReader well enough to figure out what’s going on. I’ve uploaded one of my placeholder models to in case someone wants to have a look.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated…

I don't know if I should offer any advice (kind of like the blind leading the blind), but here are some things to check:

  1. Is your ambient light value set really high?
  2. Have you tried going to Milkshape first? This is the technique I use, from max to ms3d then into jme format via the FormatConverter.jar. I've noticed that often I need to go into Mlikshape and set the material values all over. I still don't know what the best method is to get models into JME though.
  3. I don't think JME does a good job of picking up your material settings from Max unless you keep it really simple. Using maps seems out of the question, although as you can see from my other posts, I'm not too sure about that.
  4. Lastly, and this is really obvious, you aren't setting your materialState emissive value anywhere are you?

    Good luck.