(May 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread


You are genius man, ROFLing so hard right now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Hey if I fail at game development I can always go into comedy :smile:


I’ve been toying around with some new world gen areas lately…


How about a billboard infested with adware, such as “meet sexy aliens near you”, “I also live in SPACE, want to hang out?” etc. Or do Finland :slight_smile:

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“See these 5 ways to lose mass that scientists don’t want you to know… and one will surprise you!”


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My labyrinth generator is almost finished :slight_smile:

I still have to add a dead end part so it won’t just make an empty space where it can’t place anything else. There are also some lighting glitches I still have to fix too.
But the core mechanic is finished.
Water is there, because I’m planning to replace it with lava as soon as my friend learns GLSL :smiley:

If anyone is interested I can publish the code on github.


These variations could be randomly generated as “popups” to some existing billboards also. To make that feeling of home to otherwise empty space.

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Scientists hate him!


Uuh, tentacle enlargement ads!

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“Meet hot females who find losers attractive in (insert your area here)!”


oh dear, this gui surely looks good

Great. I will like your game.

There was this game by Tom3D on facebook - it was really funny with lots of funny German quotes in it and funny voices. Now, he changed the setting to be more serious and removed all that humor. It’s just a clone of Demon Souls now, made with Unity. Hate that change. Loved the original demo.

Please don’t cut the humor in your game - or I promise I will not laugh when playing it! :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

I think that the humor is one of two things that make the game stand out (the other being ship construction). I’d be madness to remove it so don’t worry for a second.

Well, I just noticed that people might be in love with earlier versions anyways - so games are an ideal candidate for forks (which come in the form of mods anyways - a kind of “user added fork”). So, to best support games in the ways they could ever be, one would try to support modding as much as possible and provide some funny assets for an otherwise serious game too (only let them hibernate on the disc until a modder walks by and sees those assets). Since there is a multiverse of possible mechanics and styles for every game, this is a topic I consider worthy of more thoughts yet to follow… :chimpanzee_smile:

The idea of parodying billboards on video games is not new. Nintendo did that on the japanese version of Mario Kart 64. They changed it on the western version because of its potential lawsuit risk.

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Well of course it isn’t new, never said it was. This was where I got the idea:

Also Rockstar with their spoof companies in the GTA series. Thank you for reminding me of the lawsuit risk though, I have to doublecheck that nothing looks too close to the original.


Second dungeon style for Skullstone. Under construction.