(May 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

3d clouds are getting better and better:


Wow, very nice :blush:

Thank you :smile:

Hi, SkyHussars R5 is out now.

It was a difficult month, I had some fighting with the jMonkeyEngine. I planned to move up to 3.1 beta, but there were some issues, and I had to move back to 3.0 for now. I still owe some screenshots to nehon about this.

I created multiple viewport in the scene, this eliminated z-fighiting in the distance, but it does not work well with all the different shaders. I did not have the time to go into those issues in detail, so I solved this with some previews rendering into the same main view. Unfortunately it is not perfect yet. The water filter still messes things up a bit, as can seen on the video. With the z-fighting out, I can have more varied terrain though, which is good. The last feature is the shadows, rendered in the closer viewport only now, but probably I will need it in the other viewport as well because this cuts shadow on the surface after 300 meters.


Not bad! Could you please tell me how you did the zoom?

The zoom is just a simple change in the fov.

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This is related to the fake click-bait ads we were discussing earlier. Interesting page but also might have some new ideas. :slight_smile:

Edit: it’s an article about people trying to stop clickbaiting.

Here’s an as-yet unnamed space game that I’m working on. In this video you can see two AI ships dogfighting.


just copy the youtube link on a single line. I updated your post.

Thanks! These JME forums are probably the most feature-filled forums I know, but it takes a bit of getting used to. :slight_smile:

Hey that looks pretty cool. Are the projectile collisions done using raycasts or?

Thanks a lot. One problem is my models don’t seem to reflect much light from below, so they’re semi-invisible at times and hard to see. I just use standard BoundingBoxes and collideWith(), although I was thinking of changing it to just checking distances between objects for efficiency.

It look nice but really it fell empty whiout a Gui, What are you planning to do? Something soft like the X-3 model or something like the old star-war x-wing kind?

Use ambient light.

Yeah, it’s a bit basic at the moment, but I’m still designing the game so I’ll add gui elements as they become required. I really like the Elite Dangerous GUI, and I’ve just learnt how to do a 3D HUD, so I’ll be doing something like that.

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I’ve got an ambient light (at x2.5 no less), although it is red. I’ll change it to white and see if that helps things. The underside of the ships are black though.

Note that a purely red ambient light will only brighten the red component of any colors. So for example, a purely blue object will receive no light at all from a purely red ambient light.

Does that mean that anything black will never be seen (apart from its silhouette)?

Take a black item (in real life), for example a T-shirt (yes, I have one on me). Place it near the light source and observe… YES! It is still black! :slight_smile:


Actually, colors do not exist.