(May 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Yeah, in every universe where n * 0 = 0… then yes.

Think of a black t shirt. It’s not 100% black, there are variations, and so you can see the threads and such. If man made a completely black object, (which is what a color that has 0 for all three of its color components is in jme) then we would not be able to see it besides it’s silhouette because it absorbs all the visible frequencies of light, just like in jme.

BTW: There is a really dark black, it is called “Vantablack”:

Hey is that the one from carbon nanotubes that traps photons inside itself? I read that one was so black you can’t tell the shape of the object.

Also, politics.


Yes, it’s made of carbon nanotubes. This is an excerpt from Surrey NanoSystems:

Ultra low reflectance - Vantablack absorbs 99.965% of light (750nm wavelength)
UV, Visible and IR absorption - Absorption works from UV (200-350 nm wavelength), through the visible (350-700nm) and into the far infrared (>16 microns) spectrum, with no spectral features.

Pretty cool stuff :smile:

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Who said that?

@FrozenShade said that.:stuck_out_tongue:

My labyrinth generator got dead ends added in :slight_smile:

As you can see now there are some new problems. There seem to be dead parts which aren’t connected to the main labyrinth. Has anyone got any good idea how to fix them? I thought to enable placing dead ends just where no other part is possible. But then there wouldn’t be cool long tunnels which end with a dead end…


You could use a pathfinding algorithm to basically run through your maze and only place dead ends where it’s accessible

Thanks to @dingyf0523 outline Shader, I am highlighting important elements to player


Project: Game Manager

This is a continuation of a previous project that I completely revamped and renamed. Game Manager is a package of controls you can use to create a game visually using the SDK scene editor. The controls are all managed by the aptly named GameManger class. The video below only took me 3 lines of code to complete everything else was done via the scene editor.

Progress --------------

Physics and player control :white_check_mark:

  • I’m still working on finding a definitive solution to jumping. The jump function is enabled but doesn’t work in all cases.

Animation :negative_squared_cross_mark:

  • This was working in 3.0 but with the move to 3.1 still needs more testing.

Item and inventory handling :white_check_mark:

  • No UI for viewing inventory. This is something I’m working on.

Player and camera movement :white_check_mark:

  • So far I have first and third person player and camera controls worked out minus click dragging the camera in third person.

Audio :white_check_mark:

  • works great so far but I still need to finish updating this for 3.1.

AI :negative_squared_cross_mark:

  • I have laid out the framework for this in a separate project but this is still far off from being implemented into the package.

Quest/Mission journal :white_check_mark: This is complete but has no visual implementation yet.

User Interface :negative_squared_cross_mark:

  • This is probably the area I need the most help. Anyone who if familiar with lemur or maybe has their own UI implementation that would be willing to contribute to this project please let me know.

Over all the progress is coming along nicely. There is much more to the package but these are the major points. If anyone is interesting in contributing send me a message. Once I get a decent working alpha version I plan on putting this on github.



What can I say other than I am obsessed with spheres and I am amazed and inspired by seeing everyone elses work.


Nothing really new, but eager to participate in showing off :slight_smile:
Hi-res texture trial:


I wonder how legal the thing you are doing is … would the Evil Ampire not sue you for this? I know that even some modding projects (e.g. that Lord of the rings mod) got sued. You might be interested in creating your own similar game instead of making that 1:1 copy? :chimpanzee_neutral:

Yeah the Evil Ampire is strong on this one. They have also forbidden an unofficial patch for the game. I’ve been on this for almost 2 years already. So I guess I’ll stop when the Evil Ampire carries my TV and computer out of my flat :slight_smile:


They can not forbid you to do a similar game, but can prohibit the use of their images. So make your own graphics and textures and all would be ok.

Btw, http://www.dungeons-game.com/

We’re not distributing their assets, naturally.

Dungeons was quite the disappointment for me. Haven’t tried the second one. The clever guys made the “S” in the end look like 3. So I thought it would be a spiritual successor, but the core concept was slightly different. Enough for me to uninstall it. War for the Overworld was decent though…

do you have any references to back this up? It’s something I’ve often wondered about but never read any solid evidence.

This applies to a board game, but, although I’m not a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice, I would assume it is similar for video games:

Can they really forbid an unofficial patch? That seems really unlikely