(May 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

You mean this Spatial animation
Could xbuf do so
This much cooler than i thought, this is open unlimited possiblites

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Yep… We can do brilliant cool stuffs that an AAA game can do :grinning:

It could be because the collision shape of every ring of the chain is made of many convex hulls combined in a compound shape.
But tbh i’m not sure about that since i have no idea about what that value represent and how it’s computed, but i saw that if i switch from vhacd shapes to gimpact shapes the number decrease.

EDIT: I’ve searched a bit in the code and it seems that the number of objects is the number of meshes rendered in one frame and the reason why it’s so high in my scene is that i have the bullet debug enabled that creates a mesh for every single collision shape (and not one per rigidbody as i thought) and as i said above in my scene there are a lot of them because of the convex decomposition.

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In my game, toggling on the bullet debug multiplies the amount of objects by 5, so that is definitively the biggest culprit here, which is fine since you would only activate it in development.

I might be wrong, but don’t think collision shapes influences that displayed amount of objects.


This is not a blurring algorithm, just drawing circles, super fast. Also supports radial gradients.


You must take in account that all the showed info (bottom left text) are also objects being counted ;).