(May 2023) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Thanks a lot. That scene took me 10 minutes to construct.

I just realized I lost my contributor tag…lol
I guess that’s what I get for being gone so long.

Oh I forgot I have an entire template complete with icons and better UI integration for Android. I wanted to contribute. I even included some speech to text input and monetization examples.

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I like your idea and will test it out :slight_smile: thanks!.

I am also planning to have a side panel that is a simplified 2D view that shows the where the piece is and where the blocks are; it will also have the unfilled “floors” in separate colors (i.e.: 1-blue, 2-Yellow) to the user can see in both the plane and the game area.

Okay so I had an idea.
I wanted to create a no code block/control based behaviour system for my scene editor.

So I came up with a structure I call BrainControls.
The idea is that there is going to be a set amount of BrainControls, such as rotate, move, collision, jump, etc. to plug together to make a Brain for any Node/Spatial in the scene.

So here is my first draft of setting up some basic behaviour and then rendering it with images and curves to screen.


Blocks laid on the box will have a color for their level now


That is great! I think you should add the suggestion @ndebruyn made where you also have some indicator on the walls to show where the block is in the space.

I am working on that part. After I fix some gameplay bugs I will add that. looking to project the shape on each wall because of the multiple rotations instead of just a box

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Oh I remember playing Blockout when I was a kid:

It’s looking very promising :smiley:

If you want to make it easier to see where blocks will land, you can take some hints from blockout (clear high contrast grids, also a grid on the back and less positions, like 5x5 instead of 10x10).


I was inspired by Blockout.

I moved to a 6x6 grid to we can still use the long 4x1 piece and keep the original Tetris rules. But we can have any size grid if desired as a option.

I also like the panel on the side to show the unfilled floors; and perhaps maybe put on the side panel the falling piece as well so they can know in which level it currently is besides projecting on the walls.

One idea that came to mind last night was a builder mode, so you can build things using the blocks and the camera can go free to look from all angles… but that’s for the future


Testing projections on walls and classic pieces


Awesome, this is even better than I thought.
I think that is probably the best feedback to the player in this game.
Well done!

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Hi guys,
here is a prototype I’ve been working on for months to test underwater swimming mechanics.
There is still a lot to do and time is always short.
I created some objects to interact with inspired by Horizon Forbidden West.
Note the water sound that is only activated during movement. I tried to make the scene interesting with lights, filters, particles and 3D models a bit more defined.

I hope you enjoy it and see other interesting ideas you are working on.


Clean separation between game mechanics and graphics …

Each screenshot was captured from a different version of the Fuze Creek Game:

  1. FCConsole, which renders the game using “ASCII graphics” (very retro!)
  2. FC2D, using top-down 2-D graphics
  3. FC3D, which renders the game in 3-D with perspective, shading, animated clouds, reflective water, animated ripples, and fog

Note: all 3 games are in the exact same state.

Isolating game mechanics from graphics (i.e., the scene graph) has many advantages:

  1. Mechanics and graphics can be debugged independently.
  2. It simplifies saving/restoring game state at runtime.
  3. State updates can be asynchronous: they need not take place on the render thread.
  4. It simplifies implementing multiple views, such as for a mini map or radar display.
  5. It simplifies conversion to a client-server and/or multi-player game.
  6. It simplifies porting games between engines.

The code came from JhonKkk and I modified it to better suit my project


This is very cool.
Care to share some code?

Would love to add it into my Scene Editor.

Glad to make you think this is cool,The code is currently integrated in the project, I need to do some sorting and eventually I will make a simple demo and release it


Not a screen shot exactly (or a lot of them depending on how you look at it)… but I finally did something other than a live stream.

Here is a video of a randomly generated dungeon walkthrough using the current dungeon generator prototype code.


You can now get the code here

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Working on the rail system of Ialon :grin: