Maya export to JME (Collada)

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I am trying to found out the best way how to load models from Maya. I was trying to export model from Maya to Collada format. It was possible to read geometry object (I can see geometry model) but when I try skin with skeleton I get black screen. Program is running with out any error but I can not see skin of my model. I can see only dump object to my model.

Thanks for any useful information how to Export models from Maya to Collada format and load in the JMonkeyEngine.

JME version: 2.0, 1.x

Maya 2008

System: Mac or Linux



PS: I search on the Internet for solution whole week (Google, JME forum, …)


The problem is, that no one here on the forums (please correct me if i'm wrong, might be interesting) has achieved to export a colladamodell with boneanimations from MAX or MAYA, and get it working in jme correctly.

The only existing Testmodell for collada was created by the guys of NCSoft with their own exporter.

It seems that neighter MAX nor MAYA nor any other Programm ia able to export boneanimations to .dae.

I guess during import you get a whole stack of exceptions, telling that the file contains unknown tags as e.g. "…extra…" ?! don't u? I had this, because MAX adds his own tags to the Colladafiles. Therefore the format is named "Autodesk Collada".

But have a look at "Der_Tons" MD5 Exporter and jme's MD5Reader.  It enables u to ex-/import Boneanimations.




can you send me the link. Where I can download the "Der_Toms" exporter for Maya 2008.



Yeah, there was an MD5 exporter for Maya posted on this forum somewhere, and for importing MD5, you can use either MD5Reader2 (faster) or MD5Importer (more features). Also soon you'll be able to import Mesh.XML into jME which is the best way to import skeleton files IMO.


i’m sorry i have to correct myself.

Der_Ton’s exporter ist only available for max and blender, but there seems to be an md5 exporter for maya as well.

Check out these two sites.

hope this helps