Maya export with node animations?


I’ve been creating a model in Maya, which I have successfully imported into JME3 but now am struggling to include my animations.

The animations are relatively simple and are just transformations (which I believe makes them “node” rather than “mesh” animations?).

I have added the animation under the “Node animations” tab for the objects involved, but when I actually export it is very easy to see from the XML that no animations are being included.

Please could someone describe the steps I should be taking? I’m sure I’m probably missing something very straight-forward but all instructions I seem able to find are very out of date (2 years+) and so aren’t very useful.

Thanks for any help, I’m very happy to provide any extra information that will help!


OgreXML does not support those kinds of animations. However it should be fairly simple to turn them into mesh animations, no?

Ah ok… That wasn’t clear to me.

Perhaps, however I don’t know how I would do this. Any advice?

Many thanks

See this page:

That was the reference I have been using- which doesn’t really seem to give the depth I need. I’m really not particularly experienced in this area in general so am finding it quite a steep introduction :confused:

Thanks for your speedy help though