Maya Ogre.XML exporter

My first post after downloading and installing JME3 :slight_smile:

I made a Maya script that exports geometry, materials and scene definition to Ogre.mesh.XML and .scene format.

If administrators of JME project have interesting on adding it to the project i will share it.

Admin edit:


Whoa. Gotta love this first post :smiley:

Did you base it on something existing or did you write ti from scratch? It would surely be nice to add this to jMP so people can install the exporter easily to their Maya install. So I herewith claim interest in this exporter ^^



normen said:
So I herewith claim interest in this exporter ^^

Lol, looking forward to see your exporter jordi.

“Did you base it on something existing or did you write ti from scratch?”

I have written the script from scratch, it’s easy to read and easy to update.

Please send me some email or some FTP and i will send You the script.

cool, just send it to

hi folks,

this is my first post too! Not as impressive though I’m afraid :.(

Just wondering if jordiperez-2 's maya export script is available yet? Can’t find it ‘anywhere’.

If this works, you are my hero!!!

Very sorry this went unnoticed for so long. The script was sent to us but it never made it to a download repository anywhere.

Maya users, please download this script and test it:

According to @jordiperez-2 the author, you are free to use it, distribute it and update it (we’d particularly appreciate that last one!).

Once we’ve confirmed that it’s in a fully working state we can set up a proper download section for it.

What’s the starting command?

What are the commands generally?

According to him its a “maya script”, so you’ll have to run it from inside Maya I guess.

normally you start the script with an function command

i think its exportOgre();


Start Script:

Window ->General Editors->Commandshell

Load Mel script

start it with “exportOgre;”

It works! And the Geometry works, meaning no collision with the Physic Engine!

Sadly, there is another problem!

The scale is off, meaning →

You look at it from the middle, the object is in the middle

You look at it from the right side, its 30% on the right side.

In other words the general scale is messed up!

Well it’s a start, thanks for testing it @DarkPhoenixX. Do you think you’d be able to fix the scaling issues?

Also, Window->General Editors->Commandshell doesn’t sound too manageable to me. Is this really the best option we’ve got, or is there a way to make this .mel file into something more along the lines of plug-and-play? After all, when it comes to art pipelines the entry level should be pretty low.

The commandshell offers a option, were you can save all done inputs as a mel script button.

You can see this option as shortcut. Plug-and-play isn’t a good solution, since plug-and-plays can break with different maya versions, and I have no clue how to create plug-and-plays for maya. It’s not a good solution, yes, but commandshell is not that bad. If you like, I can post 3 self-explaining screenshots.

Edit: I checked again! Now everything works fine!

Don’t ask why, but it works now! Good chances that I made the mistake, therefore sorry for confusion!

Shortcut button:

Use the Script Editor, not the Shell Command!

At top bar you find the option! I suggest a clean macro!

Is this Maya Ogre exporter available somewhere? Does it still work? Can I get it?

You can get the Maya script as-is from the download link (Docs) in the first post. The code is unmaintained and unsupported though.

The link

doesn’t work.

It may be our company blocks that site. I will have to check.


link works for me

Weird, I haven’t seen this until nearly a year later!

Yes, its a MEL script. You can paste it into your Script Editor, select the text, and drag it to your shelf and click to export.

I haven’t tested this, but will do so today… great to see a free exporter for Maya!