MD2 Models: Where to originate bullets from?

I've got some MD2 models running arounf in my game shooting, but at the moment the bullets come from their centre (like laser beams shooting from their frickin belly-buttons).  Does anyone know how to work out the origin of bullets (like the gun barrel), or even how Quake does it?  Is there a standard offset from the models origin?



In a lil noobie game I'm doing at the moment I have a type of opponent that has a double gun, shooting two bullets at once from the right place.

What I did to make it happen is following:

  1. made an object lets call it a gun
  2. detached from the gun polygon I want bullets to spawn from
  3. exported gun (without detached poly, used *.obj format), added it into nGun node
  4. exported detached poly, attached it into nGun node.

    Obj format made sure that both gun geometry and detached polies fit perfectly, after that, whenever I wanted to create a bullet I just called .getChild(int n).getWorldBound.getCenter() on the nGun node, which gave me access to the center position of detached polies.

    Works for me, hope it will work with md2 models as well!

Thanks, your suggestion gave me an idea - use the centre of the weapon's model bound.  (In an MD2 model, the actual centre of the weapon model node is the same as for the "body", so I used the centre of the models boundary instead, which is the physical centre of the model).