MD2 Rotation

I have a scene containing several MilkshapeASCII models that functions as desired. When importing MD2 models they are flipped 180 degrees relative to the Milkshape models. Rotating the model 45 degrees in 3dsMax before exporting it to MD2 with QTiP get the proper rotation in the jME scene. I’ve trying changing the Pivot Point in 3dsMax, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect. Does anyone have any idea what my MD2 rotation problem may be?



3ds max is weird, in the sense that the “front” view in the perspective is actually facing the lower right, not the lower left as I percieve front is.

The pivot point will not help, but the model’s position relative to the origin does. To change it, select the model, then right click the move button located near the select arrow button. This brings up a dialoge. Change everthing to 0, 0, 0 on the left hand coloum and everthing should be fine.

On compiling md2, you can also set the origin in the txt file:

origin 0 0 0

thats the normal configuration, but if your model is located in 3ds max at 100, 0, 0; you do this:

origin 100 0 0

Hope that helps.

DP :slight_smile:


Thanks - that did help with some traslation weirdness I was observing. However I still have to rotate the model 45 degrees in 3dsMax to get the object to be oriented correctly in my jME scene. If that’s just the way it is with 3dsMax & MD2’s I guess I can live with it - just curious if I’m messing something up somewhere.


i can’t observe the things you do, im exporting from max just fine, which version are we talking about here? Not that it matters anyway, because the 3ds format has been steady for a while now.

Here’s what I mean by the front in milkshape and front in 3ds max, this is in perspective view port:


3DS max:


this is in perspective view port, this explains 90, not 45. So Im lost at this one.

Heres what I suggest, make a brand spanking new class that extends SimpleGame, make it simple game because everthing is setup correctly. Now make a box in 3ds max, make it into a md2. And load it and see.

Btw, I am using qTools which is a complete seperate tool from max, and I have never been able to get QTip to work, it keeps saying "No model selected" or something similar.

I can show you where to download this tool that I use if you want?


The simple case displays the md2 fine - I guess I have some digging to do.

I would still be interested looking at qTool. I want to do a resulting file size comparison QTiP & qTool.

Thanks for the help.


its somewhere here


sorry my bad, its called qData, rather than qTools.