Md2 texturing prob

Hi all,

i converted a 3DS model to an MD2 model, I preserved the texturing coordinates when exporting to 3DS.

When I render with 3dsmax, the model turns out fine, but when I covert to md2, the textur becomes all messy and not in the right places.

The texture is 1024x1024.

Here, let me show you.

Wrong texturing in game:

How it should look like:

is there a rule about md2 textures having to be 256x256? am i doing something wrong?

Does it look right if you don’t texture it? (or in wireframe?) If so, try checking the size of your texture (are you sure it is 1024x1024? Try lowering it to 256x256, maybe studio does that automatically due to some card limitations you may have.)… If you still get the same result, it’s likely your conversion process screwed up when converting texture coords.

it looks perfect If i dont texture it, the texture is a seperate file, so 3dsmax can’t alter it.

Would setLocalScale(float f) affect texturing?

ok, its my fault!

I should have read the specs for a qgt file. Oh well, im supposed to have an entry:

$skin skinFileName

however, a new thing arrises, i need something that would change to packed LBM (Deluxe Paint Bitmap). ive managed to obtain interlaced LBM, but thats no good (ive tried it!)

does anyone know such a tool?

Just out of curiousity, but why do you need to use a bitmap format?

i want to, but the qdata thing that changes 3ds to md2 requires lbm

its stupid and I wish it was dead!