MD2 Weapon

How can i attach a weapon to a MD2 model that follows the main model animation?

th old way was … just in your modeller package, link the weapon to the hand bone, and before export as md2, do so: save a master of it all as package native (ie: *.max )

With the file loaded, delete the whole character except the weapon. Export th eful animation with then only the weapon animate (in the package u’ll see like a ghost weapon floating i nthe air, but it is in its corrsponding place related to where the hand was. ) Call that exported md2 a nmae like “weapon.md2”

Now load a gain the full scene in your package. Delete the weapon this time. And so, export only the character animation, but witout a weapon.

This is forced with md2 as an md2 supports only one mesh, one texture per md2 file.

In the game engine, if all is loaded ok, as they kept they’re absolute coords, if load both animations in its same according frame numbers, the position must match just as u were seing in your package.

What I don’t know is if jME can do this.