MD3 joining

Hey all!

I am currently working on a game in medieval fantasy setting. And after searching for jME compatible models for quite a while now the only more or less useful set happens to be in md3 format.

And as most here will know MD3 Models are separated into 3 files as soon as they have been created to be used in Quake3.

Unfortunately I did not find any possibility to load them into one correctly joined node.

I only found some posts in which people claimed that they would publish some code to do this. Maybe I am just to blind to find the correct post or even jME classes?

If nothing exists could someone maybe point me into the right direction for solving this, please?

You can do md3 also as single piece, using weights and smooth bending in joints...just it will get baked as vertex anims with no bones, but visually is the same.Almost.

I'd recommend you better use Kman's incoming md5 or cal3d format. Are *way* better solutions.

That you only find chunked pieces md3 is as was so for q3 engine, and modders do output so that way for it. But I have produced smooth full piece md3 files out of blender.IMO is much less quality visually for several problems/limits than md5, which to me , is the best for the artist using blender (and probably Max) besides, by far the anim files are WAY lighter ks than md3. Same anim in md3 can weight MBs, while md5 will be some few ks...(teh anim, not the mesh..but in md3 you are forced to ouptut internally a mesh per keframe, like whole model again every keyframe, in every anim, all anims. Solution tends to be few anims, low pol, etc...which I don't see as powerful solution)

not ocunting on other problems like accuracy in the exporters (definitely no good) , often normals problems, besides you cant have one vertice having two UVs (EVERY vertex in an UV island border) ...md3 will split in two, and will force an smoothing seam there, as is breaking the mesh. By code I think you can treat the normals (in other engines, at least, but getting your hands dirt, I suppose) so to still be smooth there...but dunno if possible in jme, besides u'd need  to reconstruct the artist exact work in the normals...

IMO, go for Kman's incoming md5, or cal3d.

Well, thanks for those tips. The problem is, I am not much of an 3D artist.

I just can't seem to handle Blender right for example. Even though I am currently testing out Milkshape3D a little and its user interface works much better for me. I also have a feeling that the model quality is much better than that of md3.

But now after adding joints and assigning the vertices to them etc. I cannot import it to jME any more. And I have no Idea what corrupted the model.

Well, that really is the reason, why I tend to use those md3-Models. They look fair enough and are fully animated. That's all I need for a good start. And doing my own 3D art just seems impossible to me.

I'll rather return to the source code, trying to get those md3s joined properly.

Milkshake has support for many formats.

You may get away with exporting the model in your desired format.

Blender is also good for that

Oh yeah, Milkshake is tasty.

…but I doubt about it's model support. Too much of that stuff and your modeling carreer is over. :wink:

Well, I can't code in assembler either, you know. Nothing to feel bad about ;)

Milkshape is, while nice (I purchased it eons ago) , way less powerful than blender for character animations. Simply no weights for bones! for example. Neither constraints, etc, etc.

Blender is way nearer to what should be an advanced rigging/animation tool. yet though eons away from XSI, but hey, it's free, and I ensure in good hands, Blender allows to do royal wonders.

I understand your point...I am unsure if the loader here can handle chunked q3 md3 models... I hate them as an artist, but I know is the ones u can access to..