MD3 loading in (kind of :) )

Check out TestMd3JmeWrite. The MD3 models load fine, the thing is that Quake3 models are actually multiple MD3 files joined together. I’ll make a Quake3MD3Manager class next to load them all together correctly together but for now .MD3 models load ok.

PS: If your classpath can’t find lara, you may need to adjust the URL that finds her appropriatly

Someday, but I seem to be drawing more than I discard.

But you are doing a great job of knocking them out. Obj is the last of the major formats, right? Then we can add support for more niche formats as requested: NWN, md5, etc.

well, there’s some people that load md3 as single piece model , I don’t use tags. I just do a kind of vertex morphing animation like md2 is.

tags were invented to exchaneg different heads, arms…But I hate as an artist to loose that control over joints, so I prefer to make it single piece…surely coed is simpler too.

I prefer to md2 as better shading, better interpolation and less limits than md2.

about OBJ…that’s easier. Is only a list of vertices :wink:

but yep…ASE is only exported by comercial Max and Ultimate Uwnrap, and a bit few free tools like Pretty Poly Editor.

Milkshape files…well, Milkshape is comercial, too.

So yep, it’s good to have also OBJ. Unlimited vertex count, good for smoothing groups and smoothing normals in general, mtl material file loading, and very standard.

But what really I find interesting of all is md5. md5 would rock. :slight_smile:

anyway, I uploaded a model I made (sorry, no texture in it, to keep the file small…is a huge md3 as I keyframed ALL I mean, I use a md3 compiler and lets me choose how many keyframes I want…well I said it “every frame” :wink: Usually would be much less…) and is a single piece md3 model. So, no tags, and soe no joint code stuff, it must just interpolate between keyframe full meshes. It has a load of keyframe meshes, anyway.

Animation is no good. I did it quick and witha no too good software…if u note it slow, u can change speed…as some viewers show it too slowly.

Also, u’ll find some geometry creases, seams, that’s my fault, exporting with a software that does not allow shared UVs for certain format.

Anyway, all done with free software and a comercial one of 15$ only.

(but could be done totally with free software)

its HERE

Did you put the model in CVS? Getting a NPE.

a NPE?

what’s that?

the model does not accomplish many q3 md3 “standards” …no qc file, no tags…is the simpler shape of an md3… I used nPherno nMD3 compiler just picking a bunch of keyframe meshes (of full body each) and hit the button “compile”…maybe it is giving an error because I didn’t put in the zip the bitmap texture it is linked to?

doing an md3 so is a free way, can work with any free package that output 3ds or ASE files (ase is MUCH better than 3ds) exporting a mesh per frame , and is just the hit of a button once in nmd3 compiler.

btw, much better is use Blender or max and export in md5 with bones, etc.

But in the meantime, md3 is my favourite of the other type of animation: vertex animation, if single piece model is kept.

maybe you meant the download didn’t work? as I am seing now if I click on the post link download for myself does not start…

maybe a change in rules …

seems it works right clicking and “save as” in your browser, try so…

Null Pointer Exception.

I was having trouble putting the model to CVS for some reason. I’d choose “commit” and it would say there’s nothing to commit. Very wierd. You’ll have to readjust the URL to point to a MD3 file.

I think is a problem with my server…it’s paid and shouldnt do this…but I think they’re starting to disallow external link of files, whatever the format, and only allow save as type of stuff…sorry…

the NPE may be as my md3 is not following the standards in md3 format.It lacks of lots of things like tags, a qc file, etc…but if u make it work, u’lll have a free method of easy making md3…is a chuild game and no knowledge needed more than a paragraph I will put if it works in the engine…

that compared to the mess u have to go through making a totally q3 compliant md3…

it’d be a (way) better md2 kind :slight_smile:

downloaded again, unzipped, and here it’s working well…in my viewers…

Oh no your model works perfectly. He was talking about the test program I uploaded. lara should be in the CVS now so the test should show her.

then…the md3 I posted works well in jME? …Great! :slight_smile:

Later on I may post easy ways to output md3 this way, which can be done with freeware tools totally.

you are all doing a great work in formats, which is essential for the artists :slight_smile:

if OBJ and md5 (or x) come later, it’d be absolutely great.

Anyway, with what has been achieved already, ASE, ms3d for statics and md3 for animation, you can give jME quality artwork already :slight_smile:

It just would be even more optimal, compatible and more quality stuff once we get the other 2.

great work even if no other format else is added :slight_smile: (though I’d be sad if so :wink: )

My next big goal isn’t formats, it’s scripts. A direct export script from Maya, Blender, Max would be the best. DP has a script for max (supporting animation) using the XML format, and it’s pretty simple. Users could export keyframe animations at least. Shouldn’t be too hard to do just have to know the scripting syntax.

Please, go the Blender route…is open source software like jme…

cal3d libraries is of much help to understand how to export bones and weights out of blender… (blender2cal python script)

as well as the md5 der_ton exporter for blender.Those python scripts are ascii, and pytho is a very clear and non bloated language you can understand even not being a coder…

der_ton is a helpful guy that also made the md5 exporter for Max (see? if u make support for md5, you make it for blender, max, and maya. If u make support for x, you make it for Maya, Max, XSI, Character Fx animator(15$) , Milkshape, Lightwave, Truespace, Game Space, 3d Canvas, Blender,etc…)

But yep, it’d be huge advantage direct script from blender. Scenery, not only characters, would become soon…and a free great level editor would be blender for jME…the best possible for free.

my two cents of euro :wink:

I meant that der_ton already helped , or did seem so to me, with other guys doing exporters…

He may help a lot with a bones and weights animation export .

it would ROCK to be able to export blender full scene and character animations directly to this engine :slight_smile:

I handle Blender quite well now. Is really powerful.

You can find this guy, der_ton here : , great blender forums forums (there’s a blender section there, u may ask him there, maybe put him a PM, I dunno…)

I don’t know if he frequents these forums lately, just i don’t know.

He based on blender to cal python script, I think I read, anyway.

more links :wink:

Ive tried blender, how many times now? 15? or something like that. Yet, i still didn’t know how to edit the vertices of a simple object!

In max, i could do that on my first go. Blender ( i like its name btw ) just doesn’t seem to cut it for me.


Blender online documentation is the key.

The thing is: is a highend package available for free…and that means more than one could think at a first thought…

its ways are weird in the sense that are unexpected from other uis…but they have better sense in its own logic.

Is a lot of keys shortcuts based.

Hmmm…after the 20th, I’ll be much free to do rough, quick tuts bout it…doc is not geared towards a practical quickstart imho…as they want u to understand fully blender, which is good but…

after the 20th I’ll have more time and may upload a tut at a site and make aware in several gaming comunities, though blenderheads will maybe cut my neck, as they prefer ppl look at the oficial doc…I dunno.

IMHO, is just to say WHAT are the things that don’t match with standard UIs.

IE: your problem. To edit an object, u select with right click (not dragging) and hit tab. Then, right clik to select one vertex, and drag with left mouse. drop where u want it moved. or instead, hit g to move.

gx will move in x direction, rz rotate in z direction, r rotate paralell to the screen camera angle ur at…

1, 3, 7 give front, back, side views, 5 i toggle perspective / ortographic view…so on.

B is select rectangle…

bb is paint select, and once in that mode, middle mouse paint-deselect…left I think is get outta the paint select mode…

ctrl tab gets into bones mode. tab toggles object/vertex edit mode…u still have also a face mode…

it has modifiers menus like max…u can access by the lower or side menu buttons, or hitting certain keys…

there’s somewhere a sheet with essential shortcuts…

But i’d do a quick tut putting only esential stuf…

I ONLY use it for bone animation. As I like rather more Wings as a modeller. I import OBJs from Wings or from other modeller using certain python script to import OBJs (max has also a plugin to import OBJs…)

BTW, I shouldnt insist but…doing an md5 or x import format in jME engine, you’re already giving full support for max and blender, and a load mor eif it’s x…

I dunno, I respect anyway if the intention is go the other way, of course. And quite happy that md3 is already here at least :slight_smile:

Also, blender is growing quicker than ever…it’s aquiring stuff like displacement and texture painting, stuff not even available in Max…

I seriously would give it a though on supporting a format common to max and blender, or blender and every package out there … :wink:

just a shy, respectful, sugestion :slight_smile:

PS: BTW, there’s a blender2java plugin (I think is java3d) based on cal3d too

that above was done with Blender…

I totally agree I was extreamly impressed by what Blender can do, the problem is that it really is way way too “shortcut key” based and way to “out of the standard”. Maya, 3dmax, Milkshape, all have some basic ways they all edit objects as far as what click does what and where you can find what you need. Blender is definantly not made for the layman, which is sad because open source is all a layman can afford/use for his tiny projects and the techie people with PhD’s that can decipher Blender usually already have access to the high end modeling tools anyways. I bet a million dollars if someone made a “generic, simplified” UI option for blender, it would be a hit. Untill then …

Either way, support for all the major modeling enviroments with the minimum of Geometry,Materials, and some form of animation would be ideal, so that includes Blender.