MD5 animation bug

Hello all, I have big problem with animation. All works fine when first bone is not affected in animation.

When first bone is changed, animation in jme is totally chaotic. I use MD5importer for import files.

Please can anybody help me?

Hello GeniuZ,

Which 3D modelling program are you creating your animation in?

With 3ds Max, I checked two exporters from der_ton and berserkers. When I open model in MD5 viewer, animation is same as in Max.

if u insist on using md5 there must be only one root bone and unfortunately it cannot be animated strangely enough the marine packaged with both md5 loaders don't suffer from these issues :?, unless u import and export it out again :? I use the old loader for my present project and when that's done, I'll switch to ogre myself

Thank you guys, I use one root bone and now animation seems ok.