md5 bug (newest version?)

Uncomment lines 123 to 128 of

//      AnimationUtils.globalToLocal(skeleton);
//      int[] parents = skeleton.getParents();
//      for (i = 0; i < parents.length; i++)
//         if (parents[i] < 0)
//            bind.rotations[i].set(BASE.mult(bind.rotations[i]));

Thx Ender, now it works.

Other question, do you know why the coordinate system is different in animated and non animated models?

For example the FishTest. If you disable the animation the fish shows correctly, but enabled the fish is upside down and rotated. Funnily enough the MarineTest works correct. But my models all like the fish.

The cause is that the Marine is an original MD5 model; while Fish is exported from Blender with der_ton's exporter. And coordinates systems of Doom 3, Blender and jME are different. ChaosDeathFish coded his MD5 Reader to correctly orient original Doom 3 models.

Though, yesterday, because of this problems, I finally decided that MD5 Reader 2 will move to a complete refactor. The problem caused to you by that commented code, made me understand that trying to modify the MD5 Reader original code, is going to be too much complex.

Sounds good, hope you will have success.