MD5 imported Meshes and Anims seem to run slow


I am importing MD5 meshes and anims. The problem is that with even just a few animated guys, the app starts to slow down really bad. Is this something inherent with the MD5 support? If I don't add the anim to the MD5Controller (so it is just rendering the mesh with no anim) it SCREAMS along. As soon as I start animating though I can maybe display 5 dudes before slowdown.

Any ideas?


I dont know why this happens, I only have mild experience with jMonkey and md5 and 3d in general. When I load like 6 guys also in different jme instances and having each client for each player then I also get some weird slowdown, but I thought this just happens since I have 3 JME's running + eclipse + JGN server + 2 JGN clients on same computer. I have a good computer though.

You can try exporting the meshes and animations to binary by following a md5Importer example, what i've read it's supposed to boost loading time a lot, I havent tried it yet.

Btw, are you using md5Importer?