MD5 Importer issue

Hi all. I notice a bug with MD5 Importer (latest version) for JME 1.0 . When I load the example models provided with importer everything looks fine but when I try to load my own models there are some bugs in mesh loading. Below I attached two images: First is from JME viewer which shows bug. The second one is from external program which loads the same model properly. So i think there is terrible bug in MD5 Importer.

A. Are all your bones attached to a single origin bone (or attached to bones that are attached to bones that are, etc).

B. If they aren't, please learn to use the search function.

C. If they are, could this be a problem from the different ways your modelling package/md5 exporter/jme handle axes?

Ok I'll tell my animator to work with it and I'll post the result soon.