md5reader2 need help with bone

I use the file format md5

Project md5 reader of jme contrib

2 using 3D model: a character and his mount

I create a bone at the rider's position on the mount

2 the fact his model in the same way (on the same system of axis is oriented in the same direction)

Yet when I put the jumper on the mount

It is not reflected in the correct position I should rotate but when I turned the fact that I am being given added to the bones of the central mount model becomes the mount and it swivels

To begin to fly

  bodyInstance.addChild(accInstance, "Bone.001" );

bodyinstance = the mount
accInstance= the man

Bone of bodyinstance is positioned vertically

with  rotation:

I used to tutorial


I have succeeded in changing the system axis of Trooper
The 2 model on the same face in the same direction, but why did I,
Perform this rotation
What one has any idea?

My first mount model:
System axis:
My model for front viewing
In blender (Y right up X)

My second model the rider:
System axis:
My model for front viewing
In blender (up X Y Z front left) as front view