md5reader2 - rotate Y and Z axis reversed

I  have made a 3D model rotate along the Z axis like this

but when I loaded into md5reader2 it's rotating along the Y axis like this

is this a bug in md5reader2?

P.S. I use the MD5 exporter from

sorry to be brief but here is most of what u need to know

Specifically, I believe this is the part needed:


Problem: animation not rotated the same as model

      Currently there is a bug in lines 202 and 225 in Md5AnimReader. If you change

      frame.positions[it] = new Vector3f(tz, ty, tx)


      frame.positions[it] = new Vector3f(tx, ty, tz)

      in both lines the animation will be properly rotated.

This fixes the blender animation, but the sarge walking animation supplied with the code walks to the right insted of forward so this isnt a real fix.

From recently looking at this, the 2nd line to fix has slightly different x,y,z in the wrong place.  In taht instance, fix the order, not the var name.

my guess would be coordinate system issues :wink:

he never really suggested anything about animation trouble :?

could be wrong though :expressionless: