I’m not dead yet! I’m still very much alive. :stuck_out_tongue: So, I’m sure you’re interested in exactly what I’ve been doing…

It’s over! I’m free! I’ve managed to blast through yet another school year unscathed, nightmarish exams and all. School is over in a very absolute sense - I’m done high school! I’ve graduated top of my class too, which is a rather pleasant extra. Next year I’m headed off to university for software engineering.

I’m still recovering from the insanity that was the last month and a half. I have a social life again! :slight_smile: Now I’ll have significantly more time to contribute to jME. Expect some interesting things in the coming months, including a renovated display properties dialog. I’ll finally be able to chime in on the various discussions too.

Oh, I’ve also purchased a new laptop from Voodoo. It’s an m:855 with an AMD64 3400+, 1Gb RAM, Moblie Radeon 9600 128, 60Gb 7200 RPM HD, and a ton of other goodies. I’m excited! (Only 30 days 'till it arrives in my eager arms!)

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can download a copy of my game! It was written as a summative project for my computer science course. Several caveats: the binding system in that version is non-functional due to a rather obsure bug, it runs only in 640x480 resolution, the batch files assume a Windows environment, it’s multiplayer only. That being said, however, the entire game was written [virtually] entirely by me in a period of two weeks just prior to exams. I’m very proud of what I accomplished in such a limited time frame. edit: I’d love to know what you think of the game!

Also, 'cause I’m certain you’re overwhelmingly curious, here is a photo of myself, taken at my formal. Enjoy!

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    </life update>

Found one bug if you’re curious: (Otherwise a cool game even if it didn’t use jME :slight_smile: ) I moved the zip file to my desktop and tried to unzip/run it. I got a “could not find file” exception when it looked for wave.wav It was because my path to the game had spaces in it. Try running the game from a path without spaces, it worked fine. I’ve had similar errors when converting files to URL’s and back in the past.

Nice game, did you program entirely from scratch on this? Some of it is vaguely spgl-ish.

Congrats… now get to work!

Really, way to go. Enjoy the next four years, cause they just suck after that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the praise! :slight_smile: If you ever manage to get a four-player game going its pure ultra-fun mayhem. Our computer science class wasn’t the same for the past week!


Thanks for the info. I’ll see about fixing that. (When I can stand to sift through the code again. Two weeks of being totally consumed by it has rather dampened my enthusiasm.)


Yeah, I used Spaghetti in conjunction with spgl for the GUI. There’s no way I could’ve written an entire GUI library in two weeks so I borrowed where I could. Everything else is mine, though. (However, I did borrow a an idea or two from Alien Flux.)


All the better that my degree is a five year program!

Hah! I’m still marvelling at the fact I’ve graduated. It’s been one hell of a crazy ride… I miss it already! :stuck_out_tongue: