i’m shifting thur some old code to be able to use the getHeight method on imported objects(ascii,max,md2,md3,milkshape,obj)and it calls something call memPool i’m lookin thur the old docs but my connection is slow. If somebody can just tell me that’d be a great help.

sorry, i forgot to reply to the other thread. The code for Mempool is:

package com.jme.util;

import com.jme.math.Vector3f;
import com.jme.math.Matrix3f;
import com.jme.math.Vector2f;

 * This is a class that contains temporary objects usable in functions during jME's
 * execution.  This class and its variables are <b>NOT</b> thread safe.
 * @author Jack Lindamood
public class MemPool {

    private MemPool(){}
    public static Vector3f v3a=new Vector3f();
    public static Vector3f v3b=new Vector3f();
    public static Vector3f v3c=new Vector3f();
    public static Vector3f v3d=new Vector3f();
    public static Vector3f v3e=new Vector3f();
    public static Matrix3f m3a=new Matrix3f();
    public static Matrix3f m3b=new Matrix3f();
    public static Vector2f v2a=new Vector2f();
    public static Vector2f v2b=new Vector2f();
    public static Vector2f v2c=new Vector2f();
    public static Vector2f v2d=new Vector2f();

Basically, all identity stuff.


Where were you seeing mempool? I thought I updated that out of the user doc.

He just wanted to have terrain following using an pre-made terrain in Obj format. So i sent him down that route on another thread.

Mind you, it would better for you if you created a height map out of that terrain and loaded it into jme, because then you can use automatic clod without having to do extra work.



ha! been messing with it for a better half of the day and nothing.

what do you mean nothing?

All u gotta do is supply a trimesh…


ya it didn’t work dunno

haha nvm i’m just stupid thought the obj file had a black triangle,white triangle texture figured out they were holes! and it had trouble finding the value of nothing