Mesh to mesh collision

And then what will you do with that “yes” or “no” value?

Most use cases involve using the rest of the data to do something useful… which then subjective contact points would come back into play. Even in your case, I imagine you need to know if the object is under the table, on top of the table, colliding with the leg, or whatever.

Or is it like the game Operation where as soon as they touch, the player dies or the candle disappears or something?

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it’s much more simple than that, in this case, it’s for the level editor and I don’t want the user to be able to place random scenography assets overlapping with the track (it’s a slotcar like racing game), so in the case of a collision while the user moves stuff around the scene I’m setting the material color of the track and the additional asset red and not allowing to place it there. So I’m not using the contact point at all

In the gamplay state there’s “real” physics working. The car is a convex hull and the rest of the assets are either mesh or gimpact and I’m not doing anything myself with the collisions, I’m letting minie do the job

I’ll post some screenshots and maybe videos in the next months in the monthly WIP thread if I feel it’s good enough to be shown :wink:

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