.mesh.xml animations

I can’t seem to play any animations from a .mesh.xml model I exported from Blender. Using the same model in Ogre works, and using a different model in my application also works. Also, if I try to println the rotation of some of the bones, I can see they’re changing, but the mesh doesn’t move. Any idea?

How do you try to play the animations? If you enable user transforms the animation transform will not be applied.

I’m not transorming the bones directly, if that’s what you mean. I’m just using mChannel.setAnim(“Walk”);

If I do this in the main loop:

[java]Skeleton skeleton = mControl.getSkeleton();

Bone bone = skeleton.getBone(0);


then I can see the rotation printed. It changes when I try to play an animation like it should, but I can’t see the mesh moving at all.

Have you updated to the latest version of jME3? Can you post the model with the issue parhaps?

Here is a simple model that shows my problem.

I can see the animation just fine, the box is “dancing” (or similar). Its a little bit hard to notice since the motion is so small.

Okay, replacing all of the jars in my libs directory with the ones in ~/jmonkeyplatform fixed it for some reason. I think it may have been that the project didn’t have the latest version. Thanks.