Message getting lost

as the title might suggest i think one of my messages i send to my client get lost :
Server :
for(int i=0; i <; i++) {
EnemyParent temp =;
Player_Message message = new Player_Message(temp.ID, "Enemy Create");
message.s1 = "Gliteor";
message.int1 = temp.getPos().x;
message.int2 = temp.getPos().y;
message.int3 = temp.getPos().z;
I know it is sending it.
if(m instanceof Player_Message ) {
final Player_Message msg = (Player_Message) m;
main.enqueue(new Callable() {

                    public Object call() throws Exception {
                        if(msg.getMessage().equals(&quot;READY&quot;)) {
                            READY = msg.bool1;
                        if(msg.getMessage().equals(&quot;Enemy Create&quot;)) {
                            if(msg.s1.equals(&quot;Gliteor&quot;)) {, new Vector3f(msg.int1, msg.int2, msg.int3)); 
                        }} return null;

At the [java]if(msg.getMessage().equals("Enemy Create"))[/java]
It nevers goes in it, and with some debugging i also see the client never receive a "Enemy Create" message.
Any help?
Btw the util class is the same for both server and client

Put some debug logging in. I can guarantee you that if the message was sent (and is sent reliably) then it is not getting lost.

It’s important to put the debug logging in the right place, though… like right when the message is received and not after any of the extra checks you do.

If you still don’t see the messages then make sure you are registering your listener properly… or register a debug listener for all messages and dump that to log as well.

My biggest mistake is when i forget to add the message to the listener. Might take a look at that.