Messed up mesh

Ok so I’ve looked at about three threads about this and have had no luck. I’ve got a model that I want to import into jme and when I try and do an animation it becomes all skewed. I think it’s because of the more than 4 bones constraint error thing… But I can’t seem to get the Normalize script working since it hasn’t been ported to Python 3.0. I tried porting it myself but all it does is make Blender crash. I also tried other things such as ctrl+A and resetting the rotation of the armature and mesh. If someone could please point me to a newer version of the script or take a look at my .blend files that would be awesome. Thanks!

try to apply the rotations scales and position to the model too.

exactly, both model and armature need apply scale/location/rotation.

how do I do that?

Ok so I’ve applied the scale/location/rotation and it worked to some extent. However, the legs and right shoulder are still a bit twisted. Please help!

Here’s my blend file:

This is tough going - I went through the whole thing myself, and it wasn’t too much fun. Once the rotations, scales, and positions are applied, try with bone envelopes enabled/disabled to see if that helps.

everything needed is here:[]=blender

but people avoid to read it…

first look at model and i see no proper Parent bone and envelope setting.

even location/scale/rotation of armature and object are not applied.

model is just messed up like in topic.


@oxplay2 this is before I’ve applied all the stuff so that anyone could try and fix it themselves. I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything wrong or in the wrong order. After I did everything in the guide, it still appears that the legs are messed up but not the upper body. So please try and follow the steps and see if you can get anything going.

@squishguin said:
So please try and follow the steps and see if you can get anything going.

Lol, unbelievable xD YOU are supposed to do your work. @oxplay2 got multiple models to work properly and also helped writing the tutorials. He doesn't have to prove you anything.

@normen I’m not saying that he does. And I said that I followed his tutorial ending with the results I posted. I was simply asking him to see if he could get anywhere further than I did. If my request was phrased as a command, I’m sorry. I was asking to see if anyone could help me out because I am quite noob at this.

And I said that I followed his tutorial ending with the results I posted.

i did not wrote all of tutorials....
first, your "walk" animation is not completed in blender(legs are not walking). rest of animations seems to be ok.

- added Parent Bone(in proper initial position)
- set off envelopes
- centered model and armature
- applied location/rotation/scale(to both model and armature)

here is fixed model that work(used ogre mesh exporter)

by "work" i mean: animations look exactly the same like in blender.

small proof of punch animation:

you only need to fix some of animations, because new Parent bone a little modified them.

you need to learn yourself how to make models work with JME, because i will not fix every model...

glad to help.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I guess it was the parent bone thing because I tried everything else. Will take a note of that and apply it to all my other models.

so as i said, you didnt made it like in tutorial :wink:

there were marked by RED color, that Parent bone need to be in exactly the same position.

but nevermind, hope other people will see that step.

good you have it fixed.