Messed up Object

For some reason the appearance of an object I loaded into jME is all messed up.

I loaded a .obj file, converted it into an jME file and loaded that into jME. The only problem is that light doesn

try using the debugger to display the normals. or use SimpleGame and press N to show the normals

Let me try to explain further. The object seems to be rendering fine. The first problem was that it appeard to be all gray. Even when I attached a lightstat to it, it didn't seem to have any effect. Then I opend the object in Wings 3D, exported it again to .obj. This time the object was white/blue. But when I detached all lights and assigned a lightstate tot the object itself, it also did not seem to have any effect. No dark side, no light side. Same thing with a material state.

as sfera said check the normals i.e ensure that the faces aren't turned inward also ensure that you triangulate the model in what ever modelling app you use jme doesn,t support quads.

use TestObjJmeWrite to load your model (modify only the model path) and eventually post a screenshot.