Can someone help out a non-artists that also never wrote a shader… err, yes, me… to create nice looking metal effect?

I imagine I could use environment mapping and search for a nice texture… but what about reflections of other dynamic objects?

what kind of metal are you aiming at? brushed, chrome, glossy, rusty? and are there any specifics about the objects that the metal effect is being put on?

Oh, right, that would be a difference. Chrome first, I think. But maybe it looks more realistic if it can be made a bit 'dirty', too… thought that would probably just be exchanging some textures… but probably not - at least brushed metal would be really different, but I won't need that.

Primarily it would be for showing different physics behaviour of different materials. But I didn't get something that looked like metal :expressionless:

I don’t know if this is up the alley of what you’re looking for, but here:

thanks darkfrog, but as I said I won't need brushed metal, additionally that image cannot be used as repeated texture, finally finding texture is not the problem for me :slight_smile:

hehe, sorry…I just saw this post in passing and just skimmed it…pay no attention to me. :wink:

Ok, when I have found some nice textures, how would I get that reflection thingy to work? Can I borrow some shader from the water stuff? It has those nice dynamic reflections, I believe… :smiley:

Cube mapping is what you want… you'll have to add that to texture support.

I'm working on the texture class atm, so I'll see about adding it.

renanse said:

I'm working on the texture class atm, so I'll see about adding it.

oh, cool! 8)

Yaeehh CubeMapping is good

samplerCube and sampler3d for better shadersupport ?

Maybe, shader support is likely to undergo a massive rewrite in the near future though, so I'm not sure if I will spend much time adding features to the existing state based shader classes.

shouldnt that work straight out of the box? the only thing to set for the textures now are textureunit index…