Micro Game Jam ( Beginner Level )

Hey fellow Monkeys,

I need to take a break from not working on anything. I was thinking we have a 1 week game jam.

You have 1 week starting from tomorrow to make a Snake Game.

make it as fancy or simple as you would like. I figure this would help people learn and the deadline will make it so people don’t put it off(IE: ME).

Prize = The dev team told me they would make video playable in jmonkey without additional anything. no one ever lies on the internet.

Happy monkeying


I’d buy a real snake if that was the case

Nice Idea:p

I have learned to never underestimate the potential of seemingly innocuous sidetracked project… my “summer of code shader-learning” toy is becoming a real game :wink:

wait till the harder levels. P-speed and Nehon said they would fix JOGL
/#thingsthataretotallyhappening :wink:

oh boy…