Midnight Sun [WIP]

Midnight Sun is a vertical scrolling shooter. Player shots destroy enemy bullets, and you need to ‘graze’ enemy bullets in order to build up energy to fire shots. The game is loosely based on the events of Imperishable Night (東方永夜抄), specifically, the Extra stage, with a focus on boss fights; the game doesn’t contain the typical stage sections.

All control is handled through the mouse; the player character will follow the cursor at a set speed. Left click will fire shots or select menu items, and right click will put the player in ‘focus’ mode, which reduced move speed and stops energy from draining (it ordinarily drains continuously if the player isn’t near enemy bullets).



This is the first game project I spent over a week on, and I started this a long time ago, so the code is pretty convoluted and … bad. It contains my jMonkeyEngine project.

Project Repository:

GitHub - westernarc/midnightsun: 2.5D Vertical Scrolling Shooter. Touhou-derivative game.


I want to improve the quality of what I've scraped together so far before I continue working on adding features and content.

Looks really good!

wow that looks beautiful!