Migrating projects from one pc to the other

just got myself a new pc and have been moving everything over to that, which has been relatively trouble free until I tried to setup jme from a back up copy, the other projects build fine, jme however refuses to build complaining that it cannot find javac, again seems to be trouble with the script or maybe I should get an updated eclipse build mine is two maybe three months old. that having been said is there a procedure one should follow when shifting projects and or VMs arround because I’ve had problems before and nothing in the previous post solved this present issue

I have this idea of removing the .classpath from the copy before importing it not sure if that is a good idea though.

help appreciated thanks

Ugh… I generally recheck out from cvs in a case like that. I also don’t use the jme build scripts except when building for our site’s webstart… I just let eclipse compile normally for testing etc. and I have my own build scripts for my other projects.

Yeah, not much help… sorry.