Milkshape/JointController attaching nodes

I was wondering if there was a recommended solution to the age old "how do I attach items to an animated model" question - one that works well for milkshape models animated with the old JointController?

The alternative approach of using blender and the skeletal animation system sounds like an option but I'd love an option to carry on using my existing milkshape models.

I've had a hunt around the joint controller code to look at attaching an additional node to a place holder mesh within the main model, and also trying to replace the place holder mesh with the geometry from the attached item, with no luck. 

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions (even if it is give up using joint controller!)

I'm guessing by the lack of responses no one else in the world is having this particular dilemma!

Time to start learning blender and using a MD5/Collada loader I guess  :slight_smile: