Milkshape loading error

I found the problem. It seems that I needed to attach a light state to the root node,and I had to call setTwoSidedLighting(true). Then it worked

I also just found that I can’t disable lighting. But with it on it kills the fps. :frowning: Maybe there is a bug in the renderer? In version 0.6 it seems you didnt need to set a lightstate.

EDIT: Are you calculating terrain shadows now, as I moved the point light around, and it does look like it. Maybe thats why I cant disable lighting. Also, Im getting 4 fps, where I used to get ~30. But the shadows do look cool…Ive got an idea now, disable lighting after the texture is created. Let me try it…

very odd, lighting should not be required…

Run one of the tests (that has lighting) then press the L key. That should turn it off. Let me know if that causes the issue.

While this is very bizarre, at least we are getting closer.

in TerrainTest it does the same thing. I press L and the terrain dissapears. It didnt seem to crash like mine did though.

Ok, I’m very confiused about this. This just started happening recently for you? We recently added VBO support, but it still falls back to vertex arrays if your card doesn’t support it. That’s the only change I can think of that was made to the rendering classes.

Yea, since I upgraded to the cvs version. It may be a vbo problem, because I have heard of some problems with vertex buffers on GeForce 2’s. Later today ill try running it my better system, its got a gf4.

EDIT: It was the vbo’s. I added the ‘disable vbo’ code, and now I can: 1. Disable lighting and 2. Run at 15 fps with lighting and terrain instead of 4 fps with vbo’s.

I can post the code here if you want to put it in the cvs, but it is pretty specific with a certain graphics card (gf2).

EDIT 2: I turned off two sided lighting, and without the vbos I now get 28 fps with a milkshape model and terrain :slight_smile:

Guys, sorry about the Matrix4f thing, one bug introduced by me (flipped a rad to degree conversion the wrong way in one of the methods) caused the headache. Anyhow that’s fixed and the wonderful milkshape runner is running across the screen again.

Again, my apologies… where’s my head these days? :T