Milkshape Modelling Support?

Hello everybody,

is there somebody who knows a way to make animated Models in Milkshape3D and load them into a JME Game ?

I dont have the com.jmex package and the newest Blender doesnt seem to have a Milkshape3D importer with animations.

Is there maybe a programm just for converting Milkshape3D files to Blender or a Milkshape3D to .j3o Converter ?

I really like Milkshape3d for creating 3D Models and animating them because it is very easy and I don`t want to use Blender.

I hope somebody can help me,


PS: Sorry for my bad english i am German

I think Milkshape can export Wavefront .obj, which jme3 supports.

Yes but the .obj doesnt support animations and blender confuses me so i dont want to animate with blender

Aha I have found an OGRE exporter for Milkshape but when I convert it to .j3o I get a model.skeleton.xml but not a .mesh.xml is that normal ?

In the Animation example was a .mesh.xml.

You get a .skeleton.xml, .mesh.xml and a .material file if everything goes right, all of which together get converted to a j3o file with animations etc. included.

Ok but i don`t have a .mesh.xml file and there is not an loader for .ms3d ?

Thanks for your help so far.

Maybe you only exported the animation now and not the mesh, maybe you have to do that separately, I do not know the details of the milkshake ogre exporter, best read its manual.

No i have loaded it and I see the mesh + textures but I can`t play the animation.

Very Confusing :confused:

If the animation (it has to be a bone animation) has been exported successfully you should have an AnimControl that you can see in the SceneExplorer under some node (most probably the root node).

Ok Problem solved I still don`t get a .mesh.xml file but the animations work.

Thank you normen :slight_smile: