Milkshape ms3d exporter for 3d studio max 6,7,8

this great tool exports nearly everything from the max scene.

Biped objects supported !

Simply place the ms3d.dle (found in the same zip as this readme) in your 3dsmax plugins directory.
Then launch 3dsmax. To export a scene to a .ms3d file, select
'Export' from the 'File' menu. You should see a dropdown list with all the available formats. Among them is 'Milkshape3d (*.MS3D)'.
When you have selected a filename and clicked 'Save' a dialog will appear. Now select which parts of the scene you'd like to export.
Click 'Export'...
The procedure is pretty straightforward.

Properties that can be exported from a max materials is:
- diffuse color
- specular color
- ambient color
- shininess
- opacity
- diffuse map (Bitmap)
- opacity map (Bitmap)

The plugin exports the following:

- Bones (converted to joints)
- Biped objects
- Keyframed animation
- Geometric objects
- Smoothing groups
- Texture coordinates
- Physique modifier
- Skin modifier (not totally tested)
- Materials

- Maximum number of faces & vertices is 2^16 = 65536
  Note that the plugin is not designed for high-polygon models

credits to Mete Ciragen for making a very good modeling tool

the problem for characters is that milkshape format does not support weights… just 1.0 or 0.0, which is no good for human animations…Yep, accomodation and other tricks can be done, I have done them, but it cost loads of more time, and is less flexible.

reason why I use now Kman's md5 for JME.

yet though, this must be very good for mechs, statics objects, etc.

I get the impression that milkshape is being alliowed to die or become useless in the context of modern games anyway.

You hear talk of milkshape2, but when  you ask you get disrespectful, dismisive responses

well…as I said, Milkshape can be useful specially for statics, or mechanical animation. I have it purchased, and used in several cases.

The 2.0 …yup…I didn't wait more, but the updates for me till 2.0 are free, so… :wink: