MilkShape3D ASCII supported?

Hello all

Just wanted to know if loading of MilkShape3D ASCII files is still supported. It seems like there was class for it.

Thanks for your help

I believe we only support .ms3d, please see: jmetest.renderer.loader.TestMilkJmeWrite

Maybe i’m wrong though… Mojo?

ASCII is no longer supported (only binary), while it once was, it was dropped during the switch to a unified format. ASCII is just too old, and the binary has completely replaced it.

(sorry about the guest post)

dang … cause I use Character FX for animation and that thing only exports to MS3D ASCII format and not the binary…

Theoretically, ASCII or Binary shouldn’t matter cause everything can be converted to and kept as .jme in the end, right?

Anyway, thanks for your help. I’ll see what I can do

Maybe you can take the extra step of importing it in Milkshape and exporting it as binary?

I’ll need to buy MilkShape to do that and it looks like it could get cumbersome depending on the number of files I’ll need …

I’m going to try building a format convertor for it

You should be able to pretty much copy the current milkshape exporter and work off that as the format itself is the same.

If you want to see a working ASCII importer look in the cvs archives, it should still be there.