Min angle added to Particle Manager and editor

A minimum angle feature was kindly donated by one of the folks over at three rings (Andrzej Kapolka)  He says he needed it for generating particle rings (think the explosion example, but flattened over a single plane.)  I've implemented his patch and also added the feature to the particle editor along with a new example - ground fog - that makes use of it.

He also suggested a change that makes the particle distribution a bit more uniform and that is in as well.


Sounds awesome, I could actually use some ground fog!  :mrgreen:

Did you put the update in the CVS system - I've updated the files multiple times, but nothing seems to reflect the changes you mention. Do I need to do something in particular to get and apply the updates?  :expressionless:

Yes, the changes went into CVS before renanse posted this. Try rebuilding and running at

FYI on that example…  use the mouse and the mouse scroll to move yourself at least slightly above the particles – the starting point of the editor has you looking at it head on.

llama said:

Try rebuilding and running at  jmetest.effects.RenParticleEditor. There should be some new sliders and the new example Renanse mentioned.

Foolish me, I had completely forgotten to recompile it! Now it works like a charm, nice work renanse and Andrerzej, and thanks for the help :)