Minie DAC/BCC/softbody collision groups

windows search don’t find them in any minie defined path or at all in some cases

are they stored locally or downloaded at run

I don’t understand your question. By “them” and “they” do you mean the Gradle build scripts, the README instructions, or the model assets?

Also, please help me understand you by introducing each thought with a capital letter and terminating it with a punctuation mark such as a period (.) or question mark (?).

No the assets - Ninja is not on my machine at all,

the models included with minie (for me) are as follows
MhGame.mesh.xml and related files
Duck.gltf and related files
CandyDish.glb and related files

in directory C:\Users\basic\git\Minie\MinieAssets\bin\main\Models

Ninja, Oto, and Elephant exist as XML assets in the “jme3-testdata” project, which is part of JMonkeyEngine.

For obscure reasons, the “jme3-testdata” artifacts aren’t on JCenter, so the MinieAssets subproject gets them from instead.

MinieAssets includes an app named “ImportCgms” that converts those XML assets into J3Os and writes the J3Os into subfolders of the “MinieExamples/src/main/resources” folder.

well I am stumped, maybe it is an eclipse/git issue, will create the directories manually and see what happens,
also, “Load the CesiumMan model (not included due to licensing issues).” how do I treat with this

linked jmetest-data still no go

You can obtain CesiumMan from glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/CesiumMan at master · KhronosGroup/glTF-Sample-Models · GitHub


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