Minie v3.1

Version 3.1.0 of the Minie Physics Library was released today. It’s available from both GitHub and JCenter.

In addition to some important bug fixes, v3.1 brings some features that I hope will prove useful. Here are the highlights:

  1. Two new builds for building more compact applications:
    • “3.1.0+big3” for JMonkeyEngine applications that need only support the 3 major platforms (Linux64, MacOSX64, and Windows64). It includes native physics libraries only for those 3.
    • “3.1.0+bare” for applications that provide their own native physics libraries. It doesn’t include any native libraries.
  2. Methods added to CollisionShapeFactory to create box and hull shapes using a merged mesh. These methods produce simpler, more efficient shapes than the old createBoxShape() and createDynamicMeshShape() methods, without sacrificing much accuracy.
  3. For applications that empty out a PhysicsSpace in order to re-use it, the destroy() function was re-implemented. The function was defined as a no-op in previous releases. It’s not difficult to code this yourself; it’s provided solely for convenience.
  4. “miniedump”, a new command-line tool for analyzing J3O files. Very much a “work in progress” at this time.
  5. Added support for Linux_ARM32 platforms such as the Raspberry Pi. (Thanks again, Pavly!)

For more details, see the release page at GitHub. For even more details, see the release log.