|MiniLD| Fun-Compo (24th-26th july)

MiniLD acutally is not a contest. It is more or less training for the real LudumDare-Competitions (next 28th-30th of August). 48h time to write a game to a given theme!

Compo starts today!

Have a look here:


They finished!

Anyone know if there are any Java games in that pile? I looked around a bit and only found a lot of C stuff…

Ok, this is the result of the last LD! Java is a minor programming language there. Most people use C/C++ and python. I know that the people developing in java most of the times use kev glass’ slick2d. Actually I found Ludum Dare the first time stumbling over “Breaking the tower”! That game is quite cool. (Java applet)


Would that python usage be the Blender Game Engine and Panda3D?

Most of them use pygame or pyglet (opengl but very low-level). panda3d or even blender wasn't there

yet (I think) Last LD there were more than 300(!) people that released something…